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I found this fellow in a O'hia bush in the Amy B.H. Greenwell Botanical garden,  and he hung out with me (on me) for a while.
I found this Jackkson’s Chamelion chilling in a O’hia bush,  at the Amy B.H. Greenwell Botanical gardens in Hawaii



I’m a creative polymath with a passion for learning, problem solving, design, engineering, and fabrication.    I especially enjoy challenges that span the boundaries of multiple disciplines like mechanical, electrical,  fluid, and optical engineering,   and art,  performance,   and adventure.

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4 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hello Gordon,

    My name is Peter Markwort.
    I have with great interest followed your Instructional on TIG welded acoustical / exponential horns. I am very interested in how the Gimbal was construced. I am asking kindly if you have any plans for it’s construction. If you do, I wonder if you are willing to share them with me. I am willing to pay of course.
    Please consider my request.

    Thank you.
    Peter Markwort.

  2. Hi Peter,

    I’ve emailed you a few photos showing the gimbal construction in detail. Feel free to email me directly if you have any specific questions.


  3. Hi Gordon,

    My name is Anooshree Sengupta, and I am the Director of PR at the Harker School’s TEDx program. Each year, we hold a community-wide event with multiple guest speakers and innovative technological booths. We found your project on the Maker Faire’s website and were interested in its potential. We would appreciate it if you could showcase your idea as a booth at the Autumn 2015 TEDxHarker event on October 17th.

    The Harker School is a world-renowned private school with students who have succeeded in a variety of different fields. We have had finalists and champions in prestigious competitions such as the Google Science Fair, Siemens Science Competition, and Intel Student Talent Search. In addition to scientific competitions, Harker students excel in a variety of debate events and have won distinguished tournaments such as the Tournament of Champions. Additionally, Harker students have had their literary works published in nationally renowned journals, such as the Concord Review.

    Please respond to this email if you are interested in being a part of an opportunity to spread your products and cutting-edge ideas.

    Anooshree Sengupta

  4. Hello Gordon – I am Lou Fischer’s wife. Lou Fischer of the middle of the night Goblin experience. I would like to send you a strange Goblin photo and thank your for your perceptive and joyous description of the meeting of two creative, adventurous minds in the dark. Though I usually shoot with Lou I was recovering from heart surgery and had limited stamina. I remember him coming back to our motel in Hanksville buzzing with excitement about your meeting. We hoped you reached you destination safely and were thrilled to hear from you. Since that year we have gotten a vintage 16′ trailer and travel around shooting and talking to people- such as a guy that was hit by lightening the same day but two years apart, a young Danish guy who was crossing the country on a small motorcycle visiting the B movie filming sites that were important to him as a kid. He was at the VLA when we met him and he was off to the location of the ‘Smokey and the Bear’ movies. My only regret – I didn’t by a WHERE THE HELL IS HANKSVILLE T-shirt while at the only cafe. We also missed James Franco at said cafe the previous morning. He was filming 127 Hours which took place on the east side of the road from Goblin. Thanks you for your wonderful stories. Can I send you that shot? Thanks – Kathleen Fischer

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