When United Launch Alliance experienced a fault in a servo-hydraulic feedback loop responsible for aiming the single, massive, engine of a Delta IV rocket carrying a multimillion dollar geosynchronous weather satellite, they sent the part to me in Pittsburgh. I built custom magnetic testing equipment in 1 day, tested the failed LVDT and several control parts, wrote a comparative analysis and presented a compelling mechanism of the part’s failure and the root cause thereof. This report directly contributed to a remedy and successful launch of the satellite within the target launch window.

I make things,  and fix things others have made.  To do this I employ a very well rounded familiarity with diverse branches of science and engineering including cell biology,  robotics, materials science,  electrical and mechanical engineering,  programming and automation, and state of the art fabrication capabilities like  CNC machining, EDM, and 3D printing.

I’ve built brain-control interfaces for prosthetic robotic arms,  new robotic grippers,  new types of aerospace actuators, and custom scientific instruments to measure exotic phenomena in diverse industries spanning domestic utility companies to aerospace giants.

Some things I’ve helped fix are Delta IV heavy lift rocket motor gimbals,  small research nuclear reactors,  titanium manufacturing acid-pickling bath process controls,  and the lighting in the flagship Apple store in Beijing China.

Notable Projects and Instruments Built

  • US Patent 10,710,247 Issued for new robotic tool: “Conical Iris Gripper”
  • Electrolaminate Multiplexed Morphing Tail Assembly for a novel drone – I did the mechanical design and farication of the electrolaminate multiplexer,  tail assembly,  and carbon-fiber aft fuselage/tail assembly.
  • Magnetic Permeability Scanner – I designed and fabricated, then used, an improvised sensor and positioning system to scan the magnetic properties of a damaged LVDT sensor core, identifying the proximate and ultimate failure modes,  and providing critical information on an incredibly short timeline (3 days) to ultimately allow the client to make a Go decision for the launch of a multimillion dollar weather satellite.
  • Ultrasonic Concrete Thickness Monitor –  I built an ultrasonic thickness gauge to continuously measure the thickness of poured ultra-high-performance concrete, for a high performance concrete casting factory. 
  • Automated Multi-Liquid Dispensing Apparatus – I built a relay-based industrial controller to regulate the sequencing and proportioning of reagent dispensing in a high performance concrete casting factory. 
  • US Patent 8154279 issued for novel graphitization corrosion sensor
  • Acid Pickling Bath Process Controls –  I designed and installed a highly accurate acid-pickling material removal rate sensor system for Timet Titanium Factory
  • 240kV, 8-joule impulse , optically triggered Marx Generator:  I designed and built,   using inexpensive materials (besides the OEM capacitors),  a very high voltage,  low impedance,  remotely triggerable,  electrical pulse generator capable of peak powers on the order of hundreds of kilowatts.    – for the Electrified Flowers of Hawaii Project
  • 60 gram, 1.2″ gap,  feedback-controlled repulsive mag-lev systemfor a Golf startup client
  • Electrochemical Scanning Microscope – As part of a forensic medical device investigation,  I designed, fabricated,  then used a new instrument to map localized anodic and cathodic zones of cobalt-alloy prosthetic hip joints for a medical device maker. 
  • Real Time Neural Control Algorithms for Prosthetic Robotics – graduate study
  • Federal Class Action Suit Forensic Engineering Support 
  • Custom Flux-Gate magnetometers – for long term corrosion monitoring 
  • Kirkwood Bubble Iris a project as artist in residence at Autodesk, Inc. part of several ongoing projects including  “Bubble Dancer”
  • Bubble Dancer:   Dynamic, Ephemeral,  Kinetic Sculptures made with my invention,  the Kirkwood Bubble Iris mechanism

Other engineering-related content on this website. 

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