Watz is very patient. Here, he discovers riding in a cargo bike.

Every so often I like to recalibrate my sense of life and community by bicycling long distances across unknown country.  The last big trip I took was bicycling from San Diego to Denver,  during summer, across the desert southwest.  I wrote about it at the time in a blogger post:  The Adventures of Gordon.

Highest spot of the highest road in the country!  Summit of the road on Mount Evans, Colorado (just west of Denver) at 14,127 ft (started bicycling from sea level, where the fence with Tijuana goes into the sea).
My GPS waypoints during my July-August 2010 ride from Tijuana to Denver.
My GPS waypoints during my latest long distance ride from San Diego to Denver Between July and August. In addition to bicycling on the order of 2000 miles,  my partner and I spent a few days hiking the Grand Canyon rim-to-rim and back,  and exploring Zion’s slot canyons on foot.  Bicycle, gear, food and water weighed between 70 and 100 pounds depending on region.  At one point I carried  4 gallons of water during the crossing of the  desolate 100 mile section of Mohave Desert between twenty-nine palms CA and Lake Havasu AZ.
As a rite of passage, I bicycled to Reed College before my freshman year, starting by following loosely the Oregon Trail. In total, I bicycled about 1,600 miles in the first 3 weeks of August.

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