Paragliding 2 inflation
I’ve been learning paragliding, and am looking forward to things like the X-alps…

I’ve been fascinated with flight since I was a small child.  I’ve had the good fortune to make a number of friends with competencies and enthusiasms in the area too, and this page collects some of the nicer pictures I’ve taken of these mentors and my pursuit of leaving the ground.  They provide much needed guidance as I dream of combining my passions of long distance bicycle touring with the unprecedented capability of ultra lightweight aviation afforded by thirty pounds of ripstop nylon, sewn into an elegant inflatable wing structure called a paraglider, that can glide ten or more feet for every foot of altitude, and fly indefinitely given suitable weather conditions.
copyright 2014 gordon c kirkwood

Running through the grass with a giant kite attached to a body harness.

copyright gordon kirkwood 2014
Sometimes I’ll crew for my friend Roy, who is seen waving here. I’ll help him take off, then chase him cross country in a van to collect him when he lands.
copyright gordon kirkwood 2014
When a hot air balloon lands in a suburban neighborhood with lots of kids around suppertime, EVERYBODY comes out to participate. We put a many to use as we could, packing up the balloon.

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