May your life be as smooth as Silicon-Bronze TIG brazing.

small heptagon with square tubing at 45 degrees from flat, after welding and wire brushing.
An experiment in jig construction, TIG-brazing, and symmetry. This took about an hour from conception to completion, much of which was locating the V-blocks for clamping the tubing at 45 degrees during cutting.
Small heptagon with square tubing at 45 degrees from flat, as tacked together, showing fit-up.
Tacked at ID and OD. The fit of the bevel cuts is sublime! not a sheet of paper could be inserted at ID or OD of any joint. Spot on 64.3 degree (=90-(180/7)) bevel!

Next step:  make four of these with the tubing’s face to table’s face angles sampling intervals of 0, 22.5, 45, and 67.5 degrees (or generally, angle increments of ([0:(n-1)]/n) * (360/(number_of_tubing_facets_equals_4_if_square_tubing)) degrees rotation from flat.   Make a jig to photograph them at consistent position,  then make looping stop motion animation of toroidal ring rotating around it’s minor axis…

Then,  perhaps, I will also incrementally crush each ring as I’ve done to destructively test prior similar experiments,  and register each frame,  so the animation might suggest continuation of the rotation throughout the increasing deformation.