CNC Bubble Iris Article Released
Photo of the CNC Bubble Iris taken at Autodesk’s Pier-9 facility by Nathan Hurst, Editor at Make Magazine.


It is a real pleasure to see Make Magazine,  Hackaday, and Adafruit #ArtTuesday all re-blog the publication of the apparatus I’ve built to bring new precision, repeatability, and automation to the craft of giant soap bubble making.  Stay tuned for all the interesting things I’ll use this instrument for!

2 thoughts on “CNC Bubble Iris Article Released”

  1. Hi Gordon,

    I am reaching out from All3Media, a top Los Angeles production company. We produce series such as “Undercover Boss” on CBS.

    The series we are currently developing is about inventors and makers creating a new way of life while also including adventure!

    We are looking for people who can make, build, and imagine anything from nothing and then contribute to creating it. It wouldn’t take place at your space but in Panama (for a very brief period of time). We have a gentleman named Jaimie who is an adventure builder who has purchased an island specifically for innovators to create and build. . This isn’t a competition show or survivor. This is a docuseries about awesome people who can imagine and create daily things that we use from scratch, and live.

    I came across your amazing work and wanted to reach out to explain more about the project and see if you might be interested. We are moving fairly quickly on this series, so if you or members or 5 Tom Crane are interested in participating, I would love to speak with you ASAP!

    Let me know your thoughts!


    1. Rebecca, it was a pleasure talking with you and your team. I look forward to whether you decide to cast me and the inimitable Ms. Allen for the discussed role.

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